Structural analysis of devices in motion, software for fatigue relevant structures, consulting services for construction and calculation

Extensive experience over years in the field of material handling, steelworks and plant engineering and the mixture of our team allows for fast and efficient processing of simple up to very complex structures or particular details. Our expertise is also available for development of new devices or for modifications of existing structures.

Structural analysis

  • Crane construction: overhead cranes, gantry cranes, portal cranes, mobile cranes, tower cranes
  • Material handling: excavators, conveyor bridges, tripper cars, mining equipment, storage vehicles
  • Steelworks: Factory buildings, platforms, high bay racking
  • Special equipment: Building maintenance units, radio telescopes
  • Amusement rides: Ferris wheels, rollercoasters



  • KRASTA: maintenance and development
  • KRASTA module: custom made modules, e.g. for parametric model input
  • Calculation software: standalone applications developed according to customer specifications


Consulting services

  • User hotline: support for operating KRASTA and creating appropriate models
  • Construction: technical steering of design process, development and construction of structures
  • Calculation: consulting concerning calculation principles and proofs



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