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Lighter structures, more payload, longer operation life and therefore more efficient systems mean competitive advantages. Besides the knowledge of function and principles of operation this requires an optimizing calculation by an engineer with adequate software. Our multidisciplinary experience and the interaction between engineering and software development is your advantage when claiming or engineering services or using our software.

Program system for analysis of spatial structures in motion

Fatigue. Kinematics. Working conditions.


The spectrum of our engineering services extends into all stages of product development, from conceptual design to static calculations and renovations of existing structures. In the event of damage or loss we analyse the cause and develop reclamation concepts. For the analysis we use our own software KRASTA as well as the finite element package ANSYS.


Besides developing and maintaining KRASTA, our in-house spatial framework software for steel and aluminium structures in motion, we develop tailor-made software solutions as modules for KRASTA or standalone applications.

Reference projects

Get an overview over our spectrum of services with some reference projects.

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