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KRASTA: Examples and quickstart guide

Dear reader,

welcome to the first part of our blog about KRASTA, Kühne BSB and interesting topics related to calculation in the field of material handling, cranes, plant construction and amusement rides. New blog entries will be announced in our "general newsletter".

For our program system KRASTA/PAS a quickstart guide and three example models are available. In the quickstart guide basics for efficient work in KRASTA and the work flow from building the geometry to getting results is shown. The example models including documentation show different aspects of KRASTA.

The model "Shiploader Small" contains a model of a shiploader including various working positions, masses, loads and proofs. The documentation guides through the model for an overview of the capabilities of KRASTA.

For the model "Shiploader Documentation" example documentation including proofs (for beams) is available. The main document contains a description of principles, cross sections, materials, masses, loads, working positions and results. A documentation of input data and detailed result output is available in two appendices.

Kinematics and situations are imported for considering different working positions within one model. The example model "Telescopic Crane System" shows typical use cases like luffing of a boom, turning around a slew bearing or telescoping a boom system.

The quickstart guide is available in German and English language, the example model documentation in English only. Models and documents can be downloaded as a package from the following link: