KRASTA - Spatial framework analysis for fatigue relevant structures and structures in motion

KRASTA is the software package for static and modal analysis of spatial frameworks in the field of material handling, plant construction and steelworks. The focus is on simple modelling and result evaluation of structures in various geometric positions or working situations. Subsystems and kinematic movements support the user at this.


  Single user 1) Network 2)
KRASTA basic 3.000,- EUR 6.000,- EUR
KRASTA material handling 4.500,- EUR 9.000,- EUR
KRASTA full version 7.500,- EUR 15.000,- EUR
Support and maintenance,
service hotline and updates:
15 % of purchase cost anually

1) Purchase price for first licence. Further licences for 20% of first licence.
2) Unlimited number of users

Full version: Unlimited functionality
Material handling: No subsystems and kinematics
Basic: No subsystems and kinematics, no proofs of fatigue



Workshops / Training
Workshops up to 3 days
if necessary plus expenses for travelling and accomodation
90,- EUR/h
Other services on request


All prices excluding VAT

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